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Kuusakoski Sweden ordered an e-Generator

Kuusakoski Sverige Ab has placed an order with Rebelvolt for a rechargeable and portable e-Generator, providing an emission-free and secure method for destroying electronic devices containing sensitive information.

With the deterioration of the security situation in Europe, attitudes toward handling confidential material have changed. There is a desire to abandon the transportation of such material for destruction and instead have the processing equipment move to the material to be destroyed. The prevention of unauthorized access to documents dealing with national security is particularly important.

International recycling business Kuusakoski has invested in robust data security shredders. However, these devices require power, which may not be available at their operational locations.

"We did not want, nor could we rely on diesel generators due to their odor and environmental impact," says Magnus Mattisson, the director of Kuusakoski Sverige Ab.

"We wanted to find a way to use our equipment ecologically, ensuring that power would be available throughout the day. While there were offerings on the market, they did not meet our criteria. We wanted a generator that could be connected to a standard power outlet, allowing it to be charged while our equipment operates," concludes Mattisson.

Rebelvolt Oy manufactures e-Generators in Rajamäki. In addition to mass-produced items, there is an increasing demand for customized e-Generators, such as Kuusakoski's order. Pekka Karppanen of Rebelvolt is understandably pleased.

"In the world, there are countless locations where more power is needed than what is readily available. The advantages of portable, next-generation e-Generators based on LiFePo4 technology include emission-free operation, lightweight design, and high energy capacity," says Karppanen.

"I believe the era of generators based on fossil fuels is over, and in sectors such as construction sites and the event industry, there is a swift transition to battery-based solutions," adds Karppanen.


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