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Our Vision

"We have a strong belief that energy storage is crucial for the future. The price of energy will continue to fluctuate, and its availability cannot be relied upon anymore. We, the founders of Rebelvolt, want to be there to assist you when you consider energy storage or the smartest way to generate it."

- Pekka Karppanen, founder of Rebelvolt


Our Committments

Emission-Free Power Generation: We are committed to developing and delivering state-of-the-art generators that produce power without emitting harmful greenhouse gases.

Property Battery Solutions: Our property battery solutions will provide efficient and sustainable energy storage options for homes and businesses.

Education: We will empower individuals and businesses with knowledge and tools to make informed choices about clean energy adoption.

Reliability: We are committed to providing solutions that are dependable and efficient.

Rebelvolt is a Finnish company specialized in emission-free energy storage. The company was founded in 2023.

Rebelvolt is based on the heritage of 10 years old company Nordic Energiatekniikka Oy.


The founder of Rebelvolt - Mr Pekka Karppanen - is the leading expert of LiFePO4 battery technology in Finland.

Together with experienced co-founders mr Karppanen is ready to take the next steps in developing Rebelvolt into the market leader of Emission-Free Generators and Property Batteries.


10 years of history makes a difference!

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