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E-Generator is an emission-free solution for high energy needs in a place with limited power supply.

E-Generator in a nutshell

Rebelvolt E-Generator is an emission-free solution for locations with limited electricity availability or where electricity is not available at all. E-Generator does not generate energy but it delivers that. The capacity of a Rebelvolt e-Generator varies from 100 kWh to 1 MWh. E-Generators replace traditional generators that use fossil fuels. Patent pending.

How does it work?

Rebelvolt e-Generators store electrical energy in chemical form within the LiFePO4 batteries. This stored energy can be used when needed, providing a convenient and flexible power source. We deliver e-Generators always fully charged and they can be charged in all times even when in use. Typically they are always connected to mains and they operate as a big energy buffer or as an UPS.


It operates quietly and odorlessly, produces zero emissions, and responds quickly to changes in demand with enermous peak power. It consumes no energy in standby mode. Rebelvolt e-Generators can be charged even when in use.

Typical use cases?

They are used in events, construction sites and business properties. They ensure uninterrupted operations even in mission critical situations. In events they give enough energy to run even the biggest concerts flawlessly. In construction sites they give an emission-free option for operating of heavy equipment. In business propterties they offer an alternative to increasing the electrical connection size.

Cold weather?

Rebelvolt e-Generators are equipped with intelligent heating for low temperatures and ventilation to prevent overheating.

Trailer-based E-Generator

Trailer-based E-Generator is the best solution for temporary high energy needs in places where mobility is essential. Patent pending.


Basic model
Capacity 100 kWh
12/24 kW
Weight 1000 kg
Charging 63A and Type2

Capacity up to 500 kWh
Power up to 72/144 kW

Lifting lugs for crane
CCS charging protocol

Forklift-movable E-Generator

Forklift-movable E-Generator is designed to serve in situations, where trailer is not needed.


Basic model
Capacity 100 kWh
Power 12/24 kW
Weight 900 kg
Charging 63A
Lifting lugs for crane

Capacity up to 1 MWh
Power up to 72/144 kW

Fully enclosed structure
Charging Type2

Container based E-Generator

The E-Generator built into a container is designed to deliver maximum capacity and power even in challenging conditions.


Basic model
Capacity 1 MWh
Power 72/144 kW
Weight 7500 kg
Charging 3x63A

Capacity up to 10 MWh
Power up to 1.0/2.0
Fully customized delivery
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 20.29.21.png

Choosing the right E-Generator

Together with you we design the best possible E-Generators to ensure you have the right tools for your business. E-Generators offer higher peak powers, enabling effective use of smaller units. They can be connected for increased capacity and are chargeable whenever power, even a small supply, is available.

Choosing the pricing model

We sell our e-Generators globally. Owning one is often better solution for longer use side by side with the equipment needing high currents. Rental option is optimal for short uses like events or construction sites.

Delivery and support

Every E-Generator is provided fully charged and ready to run with all instructions needed. Depending on the contract we offer different kind of support during the use of E-Generator.  

Custom implementation?

We also deliver devices tailored precisely to your needs. We can implement assemblies that differ in capacity, power, and voltage from the basic models, either as separate deliveries or even integrated into your existing equipment.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 21.01.04.png

Patent pending temperature control enables usage even in arctic circumstances.

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Rebelvolt E-Generator launch video
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