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Rebelvolt has acquired the business of Nordic Energiatekniikka Oy

Rebelvolt Oy has acquired the business of Nordic Energiatekniikka Oy, operating under the name Energiasi. With this transaction, the entire staff will transition to Rebelvolt as existing employees.

Pekka Karppanen, the owner of Nordic Energiatekniikka, will become the majority owner of Rebelvolt following the acquisition. Karppanen expresses satisfaction with the deal.

"The Energiasi business was experiencing strong growth, but scaling that growth required broader shoulders. With the acquisition, we have assembled the best possible team of experts and the financial muscle for investments," says Karppanen.

"In the future, we will focus on delivering battery-based systems for properties and manufacturing portable, emission-free energy sources similar to generators. At the core of everything is our proprietary, AI-based software," concludes Karppanen.

On a practical level, the transaction means that operations under the Energiasi name will cease, and the company will operate under the name Rebelvolt.

For customers or collaborators, the transaction does not require any actions. All services will continue as before, with the same people.


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