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Rebelvolt Ltd is born!

Updated: Jan 5

Rebelvolt, a new Finnish company in the battery technology sector, has been established. The company has a solid background in battery technology, international business management, and successful customer service.

The main owners of the company are its Chief Technology Officer, Pekka Karppanen, and Sales Director, Leo Vuorio. Both have previously worked at Nordic Energiatekniikka Oy, better known by its marketing name Energiasi.

Rebelvolt has a diverse ownership structure, including not only Karppanen and Vuorio but also Technical Designer Joonatan Törmänen, Electrical Supervisor Ari Kettunen, Operations Manager Vesa Heikkinen, Marketing Manager Ilkka Mattila, and Software Designer Juuso Heikkinen.

The company aims to expand significantly, serving as a provider of battery solutions for properties and as a supplier of emission-free e-Generators, replacing traditional generators and aggregates.


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