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Rebelvolt Joins Kasvupolku Incubator Program

Rebelvolt Oy, a Finnish startup manufacturing batteries, is honored to have been selected for the prestigious Kasvupolku incubator program. This initiative aims to nurture the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in Finland. Rebelvolt was chosen from among approximately 350 applicants, with the selection based on criteria such as market potential, operational capability, team expertise, and past performance.

This recognition highlights Rebelvolt’s commitment to pushing the boundaries in the development of clean energy technologies. Through the Teollisuuden Automaatio Kasvupolku, Rebelvolt will receive targeted support and mentoring designed to enhance its business strategy and operational effectiveness.

“Being chosen for the Kasvupolku program marks an important step in our journey,” says Pekka Karppanen, Founder of Rebelvolt. “It’s an affirmation of the hard work our team has put in and sets the stage for our next phase of growth.”

The program is a chance for Rebelvolt to refine its approach to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly energy solutions. Focused on the development of advanced battery systems and emission-free portable power sources, Rebelvolt aims to lead in the transition to sustainable energy.

Vesa Heikkinen, COO of Rebelvolt, comments on the opportunity, “Kasvupolku is not just an incubator; it’s a catalyst for transformation. The strategic insights and networking opportunities it presents are crucial for us as we scale up operations and explore new markets.”

The companies participating in this year’s Kasvupolku boast a combined revenue of €690 million, aiming to increase this figure to over €1 billion within three years. This goal underscores the dynamic nature of Finland’s SME landscape and Rebelvolt’s role within it.

“Through this program, we aim to enhance our production capabilities and extend our reach both in Finland and abroad,” Heikkinen adds.

Stay tuned as Rebelvolt embarks on this venture through Kasvupolku, poised to innovate and expand in the realm of sustainable energy. Read more here.


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